Our mindset determines so much about how we perceive the world. It can set us up for success as easy as it can set us up for failure. As with everything, awareness is the key. Getting to know ourselves and the way our own brains work can be a total game changer. Mindset is important because it greatly affects what we feel we can achieve, so knowing our mindset can be the difference between reaching a goal, or quitting before we really get started. It is powerful enough to even shift our life expectancy.

But what exactly is a “mindset”? It is simply the established set of attitudes that we hold about our intellect and abilities. It is the paradigm by which we determine what we accomplish or dream of. It’s our entire way of thinking and makes up our frame of mind. It is the collection of beliefs we have and the thoughts we hold on to that is actively shaping our habits and behaviors. Our mindset controls much more of our actions than we think, and has a big say in dictating who we believe we are.

Researcher Carol Dweck painstakingly studied thousands of children’s behaviors and finally came up with the theory of the two differing mindsets: The Fixed Mindset, and the Growth Mindset. People with a fixed mindset are of the opinion that their talents, intellect, and other qualities are traits that are fixed and can not be altered. They tend to want to document their achievements and intellect as opposed to working on developing skills since they have the underlying belief that they can’t improve upon or grow the qualities they were born with. People with a growth mindset, however, believe that their intelligence and talents can grow with effort and dedication. They are open to trying new things and embrace challenges since they feel that even failure can be important and useful in the learning process. They believe nothing is pre-determined, but rather they believe that their current abilities are merely a starting point that can be built upon.

Clearly, having a growth mindset is a huge advantage in reaching goals, because we aren’t afraid of making mistakes or trying new ideas. It grants us optimism and teaches us that hard work and dedication can lead to unlimited achievement. It makes the process less threatening and more fun. It helps create a love of learning and exploring. But what do we do if we simply DON’T have a growth mindset? Is that something we can ever change?

The answer is YES. YES, YES, YES! The first step is the desire to change and the ability to be self-aware and honest with ourselves. This week’s videos discuss how to determine our own mindset and how to adopt a growth mindset through 5 different thought strategies. It is never too late to change anything about our lives that we find is no longer serving us. Growth is available to us as long as we live. The journey can go any way we want it to. Let’s make it extraordinary!

I hope the videos are helpful, and I would love to hear your own challenges and where you are at with your mindset. I thank you so much for visiting Finding Awesome today! Have an amazing day, everyone!




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