We lead such hectic lives. I often stop to wonder if it was always like this….as a child, the world seemed much slower. I don’t remember seeing people rush around with no time to enjoy or even see the world around them. There was a moderate pace to life, more of a balance. Now it just seems like everyone is caught up in the waves of life, getting swiftly carried along, not giving much thought to where they are going. I was certainly one of those people.

Some of us do it on purpose, and others, by accident. We don’t ponder our happiness, because there isn’t time to, and often because it often seems useless. We accept the lot we are given. We “man up” and get what we need to done. And the days go on.

But do we really want to live like that? Is that the best this beautiful world has to offer? Were we created for mediocrity and survival only? I truly don’t believe so. I believe that we owe it to ourselves to question the reality we have created for our lives. To take internal inventory and really examine where we are at, and how we are feeling about it. To be brave enough to ask ourselves the question: “Am I happy?”

It is only through self-awareness and honesty that we can come up with an accurate answer, and be strong enough to hear it. But the good news is that it is never too late to late to rebuild our lives into a happier existence if the answer is no. It can show us the contrast of where we are at now, to where we want to be. Unhappiness can be the start of an incredible journey into becoming the you that you know you can become – a more peaceful, joyful, fulfilled you – the you that is patiently waiting to come into existence.

So let us take a moment to ask ourselves “am I really happy” as often as we can. Life can be as extraordinary as we make it, but we can’t have growth until we can accept that change is needed. Always know you are worthy and deserving of a meaningful, remarkable life that brings you joy and inspires you daily. So don’t be afraid if you are unhappy – we’ve all been there. Today is a brand new day. A fresh, clean page. And happiness is never out of reach.


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