Welcome to Finding Awesome!

Hello new friends! I am so happy you have joined me here on my blog! My name is Nena, and I am a life coach and author that specializes in personal development. I wanted to take a moment to not only introduce myself, but to explain my motivation for wanting to help as many people possible to find happiness and more fulfillment in their lives. It was the reason I became a life coach, and why I have dedicated my life to leading others through the process of self-growth.

Many years ago, I began noticing there was some kind of “unhappiness epidemic” that seemed to be sweeping society. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but everywhere I turned, I noticed sadness. I saw empty eyes and witnessed disengaged conversations. And as the years went on, barely any conversations whatsoever. Phones were in the hands of everyone at all times – it didn’t seem like anyone felt like doing anything else. I didn’t see people getting out anymore, everyone seemed much more content to stay in their sweatpants at home, watching Netflix. I missed hearing spontaneous laughter in the streets and witnessing a couples holding hands while playfully sharing an ice cream cone. Instead I just saw the world shuffling along, isolated and bored.

And then it hit me one day – I was starting to make a shift myself. My passion for life was at an all-time low. I was exhausted and unmotivated. The days started running into one another with no accomplishments or memorable moments to show for them. I realized that if I didn’t make a change soon, I would get sucked in forever. I made a promise to myself that very moment that I would fall in love with life again, whatever it took.

I began a self-development journey that quickly became an obsession for me, and within a few months, I was already unrecognizable. Not only did I regain my passion for living, but I had become a person that the old me would have only dreamed of. I felt energized and joyful. I no longer stressed about the future or obsessed over past mistakes that I used to carry around with me life a ball and chain. The change was so dramatic, I wanted nothing more than to help others make this shift in their own lives. I felt called to share the tools of self-development to help as many people as possible find this inner peace and happiness, and became a life coach full time so I could do so.

I began this blog and my YouTube channel, Finding Awesome, so I could reach as many people as possible in addition to my personal clients. I believe change is possible for every person, and that we can truly not only overcome our life obstacles, but become the author of our own lives and create something extraordinary for ourselves.

I look forward to hearing from you and about your journey into personal growth, and I invite you to share your own story. As a community, I believe we can help uplift each other and that we can all play a part in bringing positive change to the world. I truly hope you enjoy this ongoing blog and that it becomes a resource for you. Live your best life!


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